//044. . . happy birthday to me!!!!
that's all. . .

//041. . . like the pages of your diary
I just feel like making a secret post. . . I have seen something similar to this around here before. . . but I can't remember WHERE I saw it, to post my secret. . . so after a couple of people go. . . I will post my own. It doesn't matter WHAT/WHO/WHERE it is about. . . just basically something you want to get off your chest. . . the only IMPORTANT thing is that you do it ANONYMOUSLY. . . if you don't, I will delete it.

//040. . . fear

Fear - Jazmine Sullivan

just a jazmine sullivan song. . .

I'm scared to try cause i'm scared to fail
I'm scared to die cause i'm scared of hell
I'm scared to kiss scared to hug
I'm scared of sex cause i'm scared to touch

I'm scared to look cause i'm scared to see
I'm scared of you cause i'm scared of me
I'm scared to fly cause i'm scared to crash
I'm scared to move on so i live in the past

I'm scared to fight cause i'm scared to bleed
I'm scared of love cause i'm scared he'll live
I'm scared of drugs i'm scared to drink
I'm scared to swim cause i'm scared to sink

I'm scared to learn cause i'm scared of truth
Don't wanna gain weight cause i'm scared of food
I'm scared to think that the label dropped me
I'm scared to think of my album floppin

This may sound silly but it's true
So don't pretend it ain't you too
We all afraid of something here
Cause you ain't human with out fear

I'm scared to start cause i'm scared i'll quit
I'm scared that people won't like my shit
I'm scared of fame and paparazzi
Rumors startin and people watching

Scared to grow up cause i'm scared to grow old
Scared of the dark and bein alone
I'm scared of war i'm scared of jail
Scared to share a secret cause i'm scared you'll tell

This may sound silly but it's true
So don't pretend it ain't you too
We all afraid of something here
Cause you ain't human with out fear

That about sums it up. . .
have a listen in case you live under a rock and haven't heard the song. . . but SIDENOTE, SHAME ON YOU!!! lol.

//039. . .
Late pass. . . Tweet Tweet bytches! lol. Stalk me if you like. . . http://twitter.com/mzplush

I'm hungover. . . the weather is shyt. . . so I am getting back in bed. good night Lol.

001// it ain't for everybody. . .


18+ preferred only.
and if you are old enough to drink (legally)

I just wish people would let me be the
alcoholic chronic masturbating antisocial virgin skank Obama supporting
love junky closet freak that I feel like being this week.
I am not one of those 'pretend to be a bytch on the internet' type. I swear I am not a bytch
but no one believes me when I say it. I tend to say what I feel,
and occasionally it comes out sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. 
Gays can get married, I guess. Many white women are pretty useless.
Many black men are just as useless. Many indians smell like spices.
Many africans beat their women. I don't give a fawk about hollywood.
Whores in couture make me vomit.
Myspace/Facebook models/celebrities make me point & giggle.
I have less friends than you do, ON PURPOSE!
LJ 'friends' aren't your real friends. At least they aren't mine.
It is what it is. I am who I am.
I can't bite my tongue because you have pussy ears.
I am not the 'take a million pictures for facebook' type.
My friends and I are often too drunk to hold a camera steady anyway
If you have time to pose for pictures, you aren't having enough fun.
My musical taste SHYTS on yours.
Take it or leave it.

if you decide you need this in your life. . . comment & add, in that order.


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